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For sale, any reasonable offer accepted   
04:54pm 29/12/2009

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition with two add-ons (PC), 21 (Blu-ray), Made of Honor (Blu-ray), Watchmen (iTunes voucher)

Game is open but brand new and never played. Blu-rays are brand new and sealed but with a gash through the UPC. Watchmen voucher MAY require borrowing the DVD.

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Vampires vs Zombies   
09:10pm 19/07/2009
  This is the discussion that's currently happening in my house.

What happens if a Zombie bites a Vampire?
What happens if a Vampire bites a Zombie?

Now of course the difficulty here is that there are many mythologies surrounding Zombies and Vampires, so how do we pick which one we're talking about? Zombies is easy. Romero Zombies are the only choice. Vampires are tougher. This discussion began while watching Buffy (the movie, not the show). However, the most interesting case for this discussion would come from Anne Rice Vampires, because they are the only ones I can think of where we actually have an example of what happens when a Vampire drinks dead blood. I'm open to any viable example that doesn't involve sparkles.

So what happens if a Zombie bites a Vampire? Since a Zombie bite is akin to an infection, we agree that both Vampire and Zombie would be completely unaffected in this situation. The Vampire's regenerative powers would very easily fight off the Zombie infection. I can't think of any example in any Vampire mythology that would counter this idea.

What about the Zombie though? Vampire blood has been shown in many cases to provide regenerative properties to the drinker while not actually turning them into a Vampire. Would the Zombie be in any way healed? We're going with no, because Zombies don't actually digest anything they eat. They're not doing it for nourishment and in fact are incapable of being nourished. Their bodies have no ability to absorb anything from what they eat. So we're going with zero overall affect in this scenario.

What happens if a Vampire bites a Zombie? Well let's first just consider this being an offensive move and not a act of feeding. The Zombie is already dead. This would have just as much affect as a Vampire biting a corpse, which would not bring the corpse back to life as a Vampire. Even if we consider vampirism as a disease, the Zombie cannot catch any further disease because it's already dead. It can only decay. Via the arguments above, the Vampire would also be unaffected.

But what happens if a Vampire FEEDS on a Zombie? As mentioned earlier, the only example I can think of where a Vampire has fed on the dead is Anne Rice and this did NOT go well for the Vampire. This brought the Vampire to near-death (near-re-death?). So in such a state, would the Vampire's regenerative powers be so weakened that it could be infected by disease? And if so, could it therefore be infected by the Zombie? If so, then what? We've got two very powerful infections battling over one body. But if I remember correctly, it took Lestat YEARS of feeding on swamp rats to recover from drinking dead blood. Would a Zombie infection have taken him over completely by then? Would the Zombie infection have to re-kill him to take hold? We're saying no on that last point because we don't think you can "become undead" twice. But since the Vampire is ALREADY dead, would the Zombieism therefore take hold more quickly? We find this to be a very interesting scenario and we don't have a solid conclusion.

One suggestion Pie made in the Rice Vampire feeding on a Romero Zombie scenario is that the Vampire would become infected by the Zombie, but not completely. You would not get a half-Zombie half-Vampire, but you COULD get a severely Incapacitated Vampire. We propose that neither infection is stronger than the other so I don't think you can just say "the Vampirism would completely heal the Zombieism." But perhaps you would end up with a Vampire that was a little slow in the head or had some motor control issues.

What do you think? Do you have any other vampire/zombie mythology match-ups that make for interesting situations? Since both infections require the host to die before taking hold, what in the heck would happen if someone was bitten by both a zombie and a vampire before dying? That's pretty much the only situation in which I would consider the possibility of a true half-breed, but I'm not sure exactly what you'd end up with there.

PS. My wife is awesome for sparking this conversation.
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One Music Collection, Two People, Three Computers, Two iPhones   
09:36pm 25/06/2009
  How the crap can I accomplish this?

Currently, Pie and I each have our own desktops with our own music collections, our own copies of iTunes, our own playlists, syncing to our own iPhones. In these two music collections, there is a lot of overlap. There is also a lot of stuff I have that she might want to include in her collection but she doesn't know I have it, and vice versa.

Ideal end situation would be this: We still have our own copies of iTunes on our own computers. We have our own playlists and can see each other's playlists. All the music is stored in the windows-defined music folder on each machine. When one of us imports a CD or downloads a song, it instantly appears on the other person's iTunes, unchecked. We have our own star ratings and "checked" settings. A third computer also has a copy of iTunes and has automatic access to all of the songs we have access to, but it can't make changes to the collection. Any of these computers can be controlled via Remote on the iPhone.

I can concede a few things if needed. I can give up: seeing each other's playlists, new songs from the other person automatically being unchecked, music being physically stored in the My Music folder on each machine, and the third computer not being able to modify the collection. I think everything else is required in order to consider a solution a success.

Tools I have at my disposal currently: Windows Live Sync, iTunes, and the fact that all three machines are on a local network.

Roadblocks I've run into when trying various solutions: iTunes stores configuration settings, star ratings, and checked status in a sub-folder of the music, so just syncing a Music folder on all three computers won't do it. The Share My Library feature of iTunes does not let you make playlists from the shared music, nor can you control the playing of the shared music via Remote. iTunes does not "watch" the music folder, so unless you tell it to import the song or another program tells it the song is there, it won't know about it.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas? If I could just get iTunes to keep its settings in a different folder than where I keep my music, that'd be a huge step in the right direction. I've also seen a couple apps that will check your music folder and add songs to iTunes that aren't already in there (though I haven't found one that runs automatically). If I could find solutions to those two problems, that'd get me right where I want to be. But I'm certainly open to other options.

Any suggestions?
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What are you doing with your Tuesday?   
10:51am 09/06/2009
  I'm on my way out the door to hang out backstage with Nine Inch Nails at Merriweather. For reals.  
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Party Monster   
07:39pm 11/02/2009
  So..... Did we lend Party Monster to anyone out here on the Internets? We can't seem to find it.  
08:50pm 05/01/2009

If you have a PS3 or 360 you need PlayOn. Especially if you use Hulu and/or Netflix. And if you don't use Hulu, PlayOn is the reason to sign up.

We're watching Eddie Murphy Raw on our PS3 right now. We could theoretically be catching up on Heroes or watching every episode of McGuyver if we wanted. Hot.

Also I am writing this on my sexy sexy iPhone.

Lola Marjorine Wood   
10:17am 22/12/2008
mood: happy
Lola, meet World. World, meet Lola.Collapse )
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Speaker Wire for Sale   
08:41am 24/11/2008
  I've got a 250 foot spool of speaker wire that I'm not going to use because it's too thick for the job I'm doing. Here's the text written on the wiring:


It's all four wires bundled together (positive/negative x left/right). Bought it from Tweeter for $150, which is going out of business so I can't return it. Will take any reasonable offer (and will make my very first ever Craigslist post if nobody here wants it).
Holy Shit!   
10:51am 19/11/2008
  The Power of the Dark Crystal (2009) (in production)

"The story for this film came about from several conversations during production of The Dark Crystal (1982) between Jim Henson, David Odell, and Brian Froud about a possible sequel. When the original film proved only a modest success in theaters, Henson drifted from the idea of producing a follow-up. Years later, when the original proved a huge success on DVD and generated a large cult following, Henson and Froud's notes were re-discovered, and The Henson Company decided to move ahead with a sequel."
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06:25pm 17/11/2008
mood: excited

differently sized versions here
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Respire Behind-the-Scenes Video   
08:09am 14/11/2008
mood: awesome
02:29pm 15/10/2008
mood: proud
Head-Shaving for Fun and Profit!   
12:02pm 02/10/2008
  Here's the results of my request from a couple weeks ago. Thanks Ann!

Last Breath: Making The Cut

Wanted: Woman to have Head Shaved on Camera for $200   
03:35pm 09/09/2008
  As you may have read in other posts, Pie and I are doing some work on a movie. It's by the same writer/directory who did GhostWatcher and GhostWatcher II except with a significantly bigger budget. The two days I've been on set so far have been awesome, but that's not what this post is about. What this post is about is that we need an actress. No experience required.

We need you for one scene, one day of filming. You'll be paid $200 and your head will be shaved completely bald on camera. You can't have any visible tattoos from the neck up and any facial piercings need to be easily removed and covered by make-up (we have great make-up people). Your current hair style has to be something that might be considered "normal" or needs to be able to be cut to look like something "normal." What's normal? I don't know. If you're not sure, send me a picture and I'll ask the director. My guess would be at least chin-length, but I'm just taking a guess there.

I don't know the exact date of the shoot, but if you're interested, let me know and I will find out for you.
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Christian the Lion   
11:45am 02/08/2008
mood: sappy
Which one do I open?   
03:36pm 23/07/2008
mood: crazy
So I am now in posession of 11 of the 250,000 limited numbered copies of The Slip that are in existence on CD/DVD. Here they are in order, along with notes as to why the numbers are significant.

11,919(lowest number I got)
22,191(also a low number)
35,958(yet another lowish number)
100,002(SO close to exactly 100k)
155,123(closest I have to a midpoint, ends with 123)
179,880(sequential with next)
179,881(sequential with previous)
186,230(sequential with next)
186,231(sequential with previous)
209,700(highest number I got)

I'm leaning toward opening number 155,123 but I'm open to input. I'm also open to the suggestion that I need to buy 16 more copies so that I have 27 in total because this is Halo 27. hehehe

Update: I may have to open three copies. There are apparently three different stick packs depending on what number you get. 1-100k has one set, 100k-200k has another set, and 200k-250k has the third set, though anomalies have been found to exist. So I guess I'd better open 35,958 and 155,123 and try really hard to find another one in the 200k+ range...?
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The Dark Knight   
03:24am 18/07/2008
mood: amazed
Go see The Dark Knight right fucking now. I'm not even kidding. I don't care what you're doing. Stop, find a theater, go see it. Holy shit.
Pork and Beans   
02:18pm 27/05/2008
  This (among other things) is why Weezer is (still) awesome:

From their upcoming Red Album.
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We're a Happy Family   
09:52am 19/05/2008
  How did I not know this existed? A Ramones tribute album that actually has more than one real band on it.

1. Havana Affair - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Blitzkrieg Bop - Rob Zombie
3. I Believe in Miracles - Eddie Vedder & Zeke
4. 53rd & 3rd - Metallica
5. Beat on the Brat - U2
6. Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio - Kiss
7. The KKK Took My Baby Away - Marilyn Manson
8. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do - Garbage
9. Outsider - Green Day
10. Something to Believe In - The Pretenders
11. Sheena is a Punk Rocker - Rancid
12. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend - Pete Yorn
13. I Wanna Be Sedated - The Offspring
14. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Rooney
15. Return of Jackie & Judy - Tom Waits
16. Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love) - Eddie Vedder & Zeke
17. Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World - John Frusciante
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04:30pm 15/05/2008
mood: allergic
How come when I sneeze, I get this pain like I've been punched in the back followed by like five seconds of painful tingling between my shoulder blades?
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